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17 December 2007

Cost of a lunch date and Missing titles

Silent Auction "Lunch Date with X" Prices in PWC:

Delegate Frederick: $40 after 4 bids or so.

Supervisor May: same.

Tom Kopko and Chairman Stewart: $100 after 3 bids.

Coles District School Board Member Otaigbe: a mere $10 after 1 bid.

It stayed that way for quite awhile. Laugh. Out. Loud. "Sad" is putting it rather mildly.

In other news, congatulations to MR. Walts (believe it or not, it said "Mr.") for being featured in the Wall Street Journal. It's nice to know how cruddy reputation builds upon itself. I look forward to more mentionings of lawsuits. Printer-friendly, if that powders your donut :)

Note: This publication has a large reader base, "Worldwide circulation [emphasis added] of more than 2 million, with approximately 931,000 paying online subscribers." (source) Phew! That'd otta get you some publicity! Albeit, it's not the kind of publicity you'd be looking for (or wanting, for that matter). You'd think that someone would be smart enough to stop whatever he/she is doing to warrant such coverage. In this case, the person in question seems to actually relish it. Yikes!

15 December 2007

Party at the Stewart's!

Kickass can't even begin to describe it. Food was AWESOMENESS, their house is GORGEOUS, and drinks on the house!!!

Straight from the horse's mouth: Bob Marshall for Senate. I wish him the BEST of luck.

After you've voted

After you've voted
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