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27 April 2009

More Hot Water!

I apologize for the delay in postings. My laptop is not 100% (meaning the anti-virus is still corrupted and I do not have access to the Internet). I will try to make do posting stuff from the library's computer lab until I head home for the summer.


Seriously, this is becoming the norm. Greece, New York is starting to feel like home. Ahhh, there's nothing like the smell of yet another investigation into the Prince William County Public Schools superintendent. Two others are caught in the net, which is certainly a refreshing change in scene. I caught wind of this story back at the Math Forum:
The school board asked for the investigation into Walts after a forensic audit last year revealed excessive spending of district money during the 2001 Capital Improvement Project.

Citizens In Action, led by former school board member Joe Moscato, exposed documents disclosing district property that Walts and two other administrators allegedly took before leaving their jobs in Greece.

Walts and former administrators Keith Imon and Keith Johnson presently work for the Prince William County School District in Northern Virginia.

Moscato shared documents that Citizens In Action believes are reason enough to discontinue the former superintendent's health insurance.
The superintendent receives 100% health coverage from the Greece Central School District. A clause in the superintendent's contract with the GCSD reads "For the purposes of any retirement benefit ... the Superintendent shall be deemed to have retired from his employment if he has completed at least 5 years of service as Superintendent of the District and there shall have been no finding of guilt on charges brought against the district" (source). I said this nearly a year ago, and I'll say it again: That last chunk of the clause is curiously starting to fall away.

I wonder how this is going to turn out.

Don't forget to check out the video!

12 April 2009


Happy Easter, everybody! 'Tis sure nice to be able to blog again :) There were a couple things that came up over Lent, and I am more than excited to tackle them on the site. Here we go!

On accident, I stumbled upon a posting titled "Mothers of Dissension: A Case Study of How Internet-Fueled Moms Are Changing Things" at the Fem2.♀ page. I was not interested in the post so much as reading the comments; it looks as if the topic has sparked a little discussion:

TriRes on Jan 18th, 2009 said:
BVBL is hardly “anti-immigrant”. There is a BIG difference between “anti-immigrant” and “anti-ILLEGAL immigrant.” If you want to see “anti-immigrant” sentiments, go to France. Trust me, what we talk about here is NOTHING compared to how the immigration debate goes. I am sick and tired of how my community is looking because of gang activity, drugs, and graffiti. BVBL actually goes out to clean up the mess the ILLEGAL ALIENS leave behind. Not once do I read a post on anti-bvbl that reads “graffiti clean up in neighborhood X tomorrow. Meet us at X intersection.” I am a Latina myself, and I am thoroughly disgusted with the way the folks at anti-bvbl handle readers who have views that are different from their own. “Open dialogue”? You gotta be kidding me! As soon as you post “anchor baby,” you are blocked from posting further comments, yet they allow their readers to say things such as “make the white man pay” and “help save our white a**es” and merely receive a slap on the wrist. Where is your story about the elderly woman in D.C. who was defrauded thousands of dollars by a bunch of illegal aliens, and then BURNED ALIVE IN HER OWN HOME… If the media gave any thought to this victim, and actually called the illegal aliens criminals, it’s considered “racist”. Bullcrap.

To which poster "Elena" replies:
Thanks for posting this very important article in the Wash Post. What Alanna and I saw was a virulent hate that was growing against our immigrant community. If you looked latino, you were instantly seen as “illegal”. As a matter of act, one our our Supervisors is married to a woman from Peru. A citizen, during the most contentious time in PWC, actually accused him of being an “illegal alien and abetter” because he his “inlaws” must be illegal. It was chilling. There needs to be a discussion about immgration, that is true. Historically speaking, immigration, has, and will remain, a very hot button issue. Interesting considering that we are a nation of immigrants. BTW, the person who posts on anti, Mackie, is the only poster we have who has been called out on his “anti white” rants. Overall, our conversations are fact based and respectful, even when we disagree. As a matter of fact, the Anti Defamation League has not called Anti-Bvbl or its blog owners “extremists”, however, they have labeled Greg Letique and HSM in such terms.

"John" finishes with:
The postings on antibvbl are factual and not argumentative? Give me a break. Anyone who disagrees with them is automatically labeled “anti-immigrant”, “racist”, or some other things. They engage in name calling and call our supervisors names. They have labeled Corey Stewart a Nazi and a racist more times than I can remember. They don’t want reasonable discussion on their blog - if they did they wouldn’t label everyone who comes on there that disagrees with them as “anti-immigrant”, or attempt to lump them in with the bvbl gang. What a bunch of phonies.

The Washington Post story in the blog post mentions a mother who did not like that one of her children was coming home with a rhyme that goes: "I don’t want to go to Mexico no more. . . . There’s a big, fat guy at the door. . . . If you open it up, he’ll [urinate] on the floor. . . . I don’t want to go to Mexico no more." (I admit that I was rolling on the floor when I read this, hehe.) One of the many complaints I hear, particularly with overcrowding, are people who urinate and defecate publicly and do not clean up after their business. Have they not heard of a "restroom"? (Prime example of the need for assimilation.) First, I do not need to see a free show when I go out in the afternoon to fetch the mail. Second, if the toilet does not work, use a bucket and lime until it is repaired. Thirdly, there are children around!

The same mother also says "she didn’t like hearing that immigrant parents were afraid to send their children to school for fear they would be deported." Ummm, yeah... sure. I have family and friends who are "immigrants." They work for the Department of Defense, from home, and for Prince William County Public Schools. They also send their children to school without fear of "deportations." Care to know why? They are legal U.S. Citizens with proper, bona-fide documentation. They keep their noses clean. They are able to enjoy the rights that natural-born citizens enjoy. The only group of people who should be fearing deportations are illegal aliens, which makes sense. I'll say one thing, I wouldn't want to be in Prince William County with its Anti-Illegal Alien Law of Resolution until I fixed my "Illegal-Alien" status. (In the meantime, I'd hide out in Fairfax County, tee hee hee.)

I find it more than quite funny that "Elena" does not answer to "TriRes' " charge that anti-bvbl does not clean up graffiti... which I am led to assume is actually true. I, myself, have not read or heard of one posting/comment where anti-bvbl praised the members of Help Save Manassas and BVBL for their tireless efforts and countless hours to beautify their community. There is absolutely nothing "racist" or "anti-immigrant" about picking up trash and scrubbing graffiti. I guess those pesky MS-13 and Sur gang members are going to have to use smoke signals to coordinate more gang wars.

Just as "TriRes" points out "that they allow their readers to say things such as 'make the white man pay' and 'help save our white a**es' and merely receive a slap on the wrist," "Elena" counters with an insignificant "Mackie has been called out on his 'anti white' rants." There is no expansion upon the punishment (or lack thereof) that one of their own (doesn't) receives when such insults are thrown in the comments. I expected to read a response along the lines of "We do not tolerate racial and/or ethnic slurs whatsoever on anti-bvbl, blah blah blah. This user has been chastied and is now banned from further discussion on anti-bvbl, blah blah blah." Oh wait, nevermind: it would not and will not happen.

I am utterly thrilled to hear of the infamous "Anti-Defamtion League" being brought up YET AGAIN in an illegal immigration discussion. Wowie, I guess "Elena" needed an entire organization's help to say something about groups she has brought up. I wonder if "Elena" and her comrades are even capable of telling us something we haven't been told 100,000 times before. I also wonder if they could win a contest to describe Help Save Manassas and BVBL without using the words Nativist; Extreme; Extremist; Racist; Anti-immigrant; Hate; Hate group; KKK; Southern Poverty Law Center; SPLC; Latino; Hispanic; Anti-Defamation League; ADL; Mean; Fear; and Deport.

And as for the ad-nauseum "Latino" connection to everything immigrant? Well, lookie here: In the past, which group has continuously made the "Latino = Illegal = Race = Immigrant = Latino" comparisons? Nope, not Help Save Manassas; it hasn't been BVBl; couldn't have been FAIR... give up? Look no further than anti-bvbl. Think about it! Every single instance of anything remotely having to do with an immigrant was automatically tagged "Latino" and "Racist." There can be no such thing as an illeg-er immigrant from Romania, or Ireland, or Poland. This was, and continues to be, shoved down our throats. At some point, people got very tired of this hammering and useless rhetoric pretty quickly. Once we decided to make the "Latino = Illegal = Race = Immigrant = Latino" comparison we had heard so often, anti-bvbl's associates started screaming and spewing virtiol to those who would dare commit such a transgression. But wait, is that not what we had been hearing the entire time? Why do we receive a caustic backlash? Here's why: They have been forced to swallow their own bitter pill.

I hope they are still trying to gargle the taste out.

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After you've voted
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