They didn't wreck my life. They gave me a Reason to fight against Injustice, Greed, and Tyranny.


17 December 2007

Cost of a lunch date and Missing titles

Silent Auction "Lunch Date with X" Prices in PWC:

Delegate Frederick: $40 after 4 bids or so.

Supervisor May: same.

Tom Kopko and Chairman Stewart: $100 after 3 bids.

Coles District School Board Member Otaigbe: a mere $10 after 1 bid.

It stayed that way for quite awhile. Laugh. Out. Loud. "Sad" is putting it rather mildly.

In other news, congatulations to MR. Walts (believe it or not, it said "Mr.") for being featured in the Wall Street Journal. It's nice to know how cruddy reputation builds upon itself. I look forward to more mentionings of lawsuits. Printer-friendly, if that powders your donut :)

Note: This publication has a large reader base, "Worldwide circulation [emphasis added] of more than 2 million, with approximately 931,000 paying online subscribers." (source) Phew! That'd otta get you some publicity! Albeit, it's not the kind of publicity you'd be looking for (or wanting, for that matter). You'd think that someone would be smart enough to stop whatever he/she is doing to warrant such coverage. In this case, the person in question seems to actually relish it. Yikes!

15 December 2007

Party at the Stewart's!

Kickass can't even begin to describe it. Food was AWESOMENESS, their house is GORGEOUS, and drinks on the house!!!

Straight from the horse's mouth: Bob Marshall for Senate. I wish him the BEST of luck.

28 November 2007

The raw nerve

Illegal immigration is a pretty hot topic in the County. Kudos to the BoCS members who voted for the resolution. It's about time a legislative authority decided to do something about it. I'm glad it was PWC.

Well said, Uncle Sam.

07 November 2007



But how funny: both the Board of County Supervisors and School Board have ONE whopping new member. Hmmm... we'll see how this goes.

I'm still working on the paper. This election went fairly well this time around. You can thank me for your vote if it so applies to you.


06 November 2007

What is a convention?

Even an AP Government student knows the answer to this one!

Instead of trying to go over a complicated definition, let's start out with a real life example: Elections!

Let's say there is a race for, say, Clerk of the Court. The Clerk of the Court is an elected position, not an appointed one, so that means the voters get to pick who they want. Well, election procedure dictates that only 1 (one) person may represent a party on the ballot. In other words, there can only be 1 (one) Republican or 1 (one) Democrat. (I am fairly sure that a race can have as many Independents as needed for the candidates.)

So what if the election people run into the problem of having more than one person of a particular party seeking the same position? There is a solution to this. A CONVENTION. A convention decides which person gets to represent the party. People of ONLY that elected party get to choose. This makes absolutely PERFECT sense because why would a Democrat be asked to choose who the Republican opponent is going to be for their candidate????

Which brings us back to Lucy Beauchamp. As soon as she heard that members of only one party were going to vote in the convention (as outlined above), she balked. She said something along the lines of "it's not fair that not all voters can vote." HO-LEE CRAP. I can't believe I'm even HEARING THIS!!! So dearest Lucy scratched out the word "Republican" and wrote the word "Independent" next to her name. That means that the convention is now unnecessary, the catering has to be cancelled, and the tables and chairs have to be returned to storage. In the meantime, AP Government students all over Prince William County are rolling out of their desks, laughing their asses off because............


CONGRATULATIONS LUCY!!! You've just become the laughing stock of the Republican Party of PWC.


JUUUUUUUUUUUUULIEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Pointing fingers and pouting because you lost at a convention (which reminds me... BEAUCHAMP DEAR, WE NEED TO GO OVER THE DEFINITITION OF A "CONVENTION") makes a candidate look very UN-professional. Not only that, it shows that you take stock in rumours. HOW NICE, a would-be delegate that takes stock in rumours!!! Well, here's a rumour for you: check the financial records from the week prior to March 2, 2006 to June 21, 2006. Go sniff that out. >_< Anyways, we WIN HUMBLY and we LOSE GRACEFULLY. Be happy. At least your voters are lame enough to allow themselves to become conditioned to seeing your name all the time; that's why they still vote for you, DUH!

Mannes gets my vote, even though I'm not in the Neabsco Disctrict. A true underdog.

The Untold-Tale of the Dumfries District Supervisor

"Robert G. Lang."

Yes! That is what I wrote in for Dumfries District Supervisor on my absentee ballot. I was wondering if only the electronic ballots had a write-in option, but so do the absentee ballots. Of course, unless this Robert G. Lang had officially signed up for the position, it wouldn't show up on the electronic or paper form. I would assume that you get a bunch of your friends together and tell them on election night to write in your name on the ballot. But we'll see what happens.

I absolutely HATE IT that the elections site places a big nasty red checkmark next to unchallenged spots (i.e. School Board Chairman, Dumfries Supervisor, etc.). I mean, that spot could still be taken over by write-ins, right? GRRRRR. Speaking of School Boards, I have a bone to pick with Lucas...


Election Nite 2007 ... WOOT!

Trying to re-write a personal essay while watching the polls and biting my nails is not quite working out. I am beginning the second page of the four-page requirement, and less than 30% of the precints are reporting their numbers, so I have plenty of time to elaborate on a harrowing experience of mine, while waiting for the results to come in. The only people/positions I should really be worrying about are

1. Corey Stewart
2. Glendel Hill
3. Dumfries Supervisor
4. Jeff Frederick

and I think that's it. Thank you to all apathetic IDIOTS that have enough time to complain about candidates, but either don't VOTE or even better, CHALLENGE one-seater positions. Hell, you might not win, BUT AT LEAST YOU'RE EXERCISING YOUR FRIGGIN' RIGHTS TO RUN FOR ELECTIVE OFFICES!!! I was fairly close to running as Independent for Dumfries District Supervisor. Younger candidates tend to bring a different insight to authoritative bodies rather than following tradition, which is what I've noticed in recent years. But I had to choose the collegiate life over the political limelight. The number of precints reporting is "creeping up like a wedgie" as my former teacher would say. Some of the races are already pretty tight, but there are still lots of precints to go through. So far, all of my abovementioned slots are winning (with the exception to number 3, but I will expand on that more in a minute), but I'm not going to get my hopes up too high. I think my essay is calling me. Later.

19 October 2007

Return of the King

Ignore the title. Due to such a considerable amount of time spent in hiatus, I didn't know what else to say.

I have learned that things have really heated up since I left for college, regarding the whole issue of the resolution being passed. Now I only wish I were there to witness it and help out with the pro-LEGAL immigration front. Why did I pick a college that was 3 hours away???

However, I recently stumbled upon the site of an old ally. Gosh, I'd nearly forgotten how he looked. I'll start bridging connections real soon.

The Jeff Frederick Crab Feast has proved that old enemies do not spoil my day. In fact, I might even go so far as to say that Betty Covington is a sweet lady. I think that if I could talk to her now, there would be no ill-references to the evils that the PWC school board has done, or my rant to the rest of the board members back in June.

If only I could say that about Julie Lucas......

By the way, the absentee ballot has been sent.

I don't think your name was on it.

05 April 2007


On December 7, 1941, the Japanese attacked Pearl Harbour. It was, as Former President Franklin D. Roosevelt called it, "A Day of Infamy." It certainly was…
Last year, April 5, 2006, was also a day of INFAMY.

It was the day a School Board stopped thinking about the students' best interests and instead started thinking of its own;

It was the day the Board Members needed to act "cool" and supported their superintendent;

It was the day a School Board protected the special interests of a VERY EVIL group of people from Greece, New York;

It was the day it didn't matter how many years of ALLEGIANCE you had in the system (more than 20 years to be exact), how positive ALL of your evaluations were, or how spotlessly-squeaky-clean your record was;

It was the day that it didn't matter how much positive support you had, or how LITTLE FEW people had UNTRUE things to say about you;

It was the day the staff lost a colleague; the teachers, their mentor; the parents, a leader.


A "Pearl Harbour" was attacked.

The Image of Freedom High School, shattered.


Today is the day the Prince William County School Board demoted and reassigned Dr. Dorothy McCabe from her position as Principal of Freedom High School for vague and unsubstantiated reasons.

May the date April 5th live on in INFAMY in Prince William County!!!

16 February 2007

A warning


So I was arguing with my Dad about something. My Mum noted that I had inherited my father's inflammatory nature.

I said, "That's why I'm gonna make a GREAT politician!"

Then, my Dad got real mad and replied, "NO, after you become a Doctor. If you stay in politics long enough, you'll end up looking like Maureen Caddigan ... or worse, Hilda Barg." ((o_O))

Rather amusing, I must say ... true, of course ...

29 January 2007

it was a Conspiracy

"I've been having some concerns."

"About what?"

"The grievances are going back to the people that did this to her. Last time I checked, the policy was 'Majority Rules'". NOW THINK ABOUT THIS!!! The majority is already against us ... I highly doubt they're going to give us a positive ruling on the grievances. You know what? Her attourney's right ... this is one goddamn kangaroo court."

"Oh my God, you make perfect sense."

"So what's our next move?"

"I had hoped that it wouldn't to come to this, but after what you've just told me, we gotta do Plan B ... plant the worm ..."

"Man, this place REEKS of a conspiracy."

"Tell me about it."

"I'll say this: it's gonna be a loooong night ..."

17 January 2007

In debt and NOT surprised -_-()

The PWC School Board is in the RED - excuse me - "suffering shortfalls in the budget" ... which is a nicer way to say it. -_-()
So we're in debt!!! What else is new??? As far as I know, the System was headed for collapse as soon as I was informed that case XYZ was sure-hit for a lawsuit. *COUGH COUGH*
But anyways, that is off topic ...
I know the Members are probably regretting the vote taken for the administration building back in November. It was a no-friggin'-brainer. Sure, your employers need new digs, but I thought this was a "for the students" society. Why couldn't they wait until ALL the school trailers were gotten rid of first before voting on something that was for them???
Again, off topic.
ANYWAYS, that's an awful lotta money that's just sitting there. Hmmm ... tempting isn't it??? But, hey, votes can be reversed, right? $36.9 million is a nice cushion, wouldn't you think???
Then again, they never listen to their constituents, and plow through with a vote and a subsequent decision that does not reflect "the best interests of the students".

Fortunately, the so-called "constituents" are voters and angry citizens in disguise ...


16 January 2007

The Countdown Begins ...

294 magical days ... that's 7,056 hours I have left until I reward (or punish) elected representatives. They are either in the Pro-Vote List or the No-Vote List. (I would like to point out that these people already know who they are and what List they belong to.) I wish I didn't have to be this nasty about things ... but certain people have hurt me and those connected to me, and so they must be held accountable for their actions.

I don't play ... neither does Karma.

"And I will be praying ... I will be praying that the Padre forgives you ... because the voters never will."

-Triangle resident Robert G. Lang
PWC School Board meeting, June 7, 2006

13 January 2007




This has been a message from your future voter

First one ...

Yeah ... so after everything has been said and done, I need a place to vent.

Who hates that no one gives a crap about politics, school-related or not??? HA! I see no hands!

So now I must ask the reader: Why is it, sir or madam, whatever the case may be, that you do not take an active part in your local politics? And so they look at the floor and everywheres else and do not respond to my inquiry.

This frustrates me dearly. I wish I could vote, but I am not old enough. I know a lot of what goes on in Prince William County ... but nobody else does. Grr...

Political activism brings its risks and bountiful rewards. Nothing costs more than information.

2007 ... BRING IT ON!!!

After you've voted

After you've voted
They say the taste of Revenge is sweet ^_^