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09 July 2008

PSA for Illegal Aliens wanting to rob houses

It may very well be the last time you do so. Thanks to a Texas man, there are two fewer illegal aliens in the United States. Two men were shot and killed when a neighbor saw them crawling out of a window, and then came over to the yard of the neighbor and began threatening him. After ample warnings, Joe Horn opened fire. The illegal aliens were dead at the scene.

The two illegals already committed a crime by entering and remaining in this fine Country illegally. I guess it would only make their rap sheet prettier by adding burglary and threatening someone. Kudos to the 61-year-old for defending not only his life and his own property, but also the property of his neighbors. I don't know what's funnier: having the family of the dead men actually wanting something done to Horn, or trying to imagine what Horn's trophy wall currently looks like :)

Story can be found here and here.

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