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26 January 2009

OOPS! Did we just misplace an action item?

I was checking the agenda for the Prince William County School Board Meeting on February 4th. The 26th item originally read (notice missing info):
That the Prince William County School Board direct the Superintendent that the textbook series "Investigations in Number, Data and Space" shall not be used as the primary textbook for 5th Grade instruction, but materials in the series may be used to supplement the currently approved 5th Grade textbook.
And may it live long and prosperous on the Internets that this is what the 26th item used to read.

Now it says:
That the Prince William County School Board discuss combining the virtual high school with the night high school program.
HMMMMMM, considering that the previous version of the action item dealt with a pretty hot topic in the school system, one must wonder why this action item has suddenly donned an invisibility cloak. If it must be moved to another date for some reason, at least put a note on the agenda! I find it strange that the Traditional Math proponents were the ones to sound the alarm. Where are the investigations folks? It appears as if they are trying to keep quiet about its disappearance. That fishy smell has become quite strong. What the heck is going on?

More news to follow...


  1. Annabell, (sorry if I am spelling your name wrong) Chairman Johns removed this item for now because we are going to discuss this issue during our budget work session. Please help spread the word that this issue will be discussed. Thanks for keeping people informed.

  2. Thank you for the info. I'll have a new posting up in a few minutes.


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