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18 August 2009

$130K for What?

The quill-and-scroll method of recording the entry and exit of school visitors took a digital turn about 2.5 years ago in Prince William County Public schools with the advent of the V-soft aka the Raptor. A school visitor hands his or her driver's license or other form of I.D. to the person running the front desk. The license is scanned which is checked against a sex offender database. And if you're concerned about your immigration status getting checked, don't worry. It's not happening yet, but that sounds like an absolutely brilliant idea!!! It would certainly complement the illegal alien crackdown, so keep jabberin' those pieholes!! :)

Anyways, back to the Raptor. A gripe I heard about this system was the net itself. In the past, who has been the one to play the role of kiddie-fiddler at school? It hasn't been a "visitor," or a "sex offender" whose name hit a match in the database... it has been a teacher. Are employees required to swipe their I.D.s? Probably not, and it wouldn't matter until after the act is committed; even then, I highly doubt the predators would be parking themselves at a school (or a Chuck E. Cheese). For a security system that sang to the tune of $130,000, has the misdirectional net truly been worth this expense? My my, it's a crazy world we live in. Unfortunately, it's just one of those issues of "He/She would never do such a thing," yet it still happens. Goodie Lord. Videos will be up shortly, and I'm retiring to bed.

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