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06 November 2007

Election Nite 2007 ... WOOT!

Trying to re-write a personal essay while watching the polls and biting my nails is not quite working out. I am beginning the second page of the four-page requirement, and less than 30% of the precints are reporting their numbers, so I have plenty of time to elaborate on a harrowing experience of mine, while waiting for the results to come in. The only people/positions I should really be worrying about are

1. Corey Stewart
2. Glendel Hill
3. Dumfries Supervisor
4. Jeff Frederick

and I think that's it. Thank you to all apathetic IDIOTS that have enough time to complain about candidates, but either don't VOTE or even better, CHALLENGE one-seater positions. Hell, you might not win, BUT AT LEAST YOU'RE EXERCISING YOUR FRIGGIN' RIGHTS TO RUN FOR ELECTIVE OFFICES!!! I was fairly close to running as Independent for Dumfries District Supervisor. Younger candidates tend to bring a different insight to authoritative bodies rather than following tradition, which is what I've noticed in recent years. But I had to choose the collegiate life over the political limelight. The number of precints reporting is "creeping up like a wedgie" as my former teacher would say. Some of the races are already pretty tight, but there are still lots of precints to go through. So far, all of my abovementioned slots are winning (with the exception to number 3, but I will expand on that more in a minute), but I'm not going to get my hopes up too high. I think my essay is calling me. Later.

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After you've voted

After you've voted
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