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06 November 2007

The Untold-Tale of the Dumfries District Supervisor

"Robert G. Lang."

Yes! That is what I wrote in for Dumfries District Supervisor on my absentee ballot. I was wondering if only the electronic ballots had a write-in option, but so do the absentee ballots. Of course, unless this Robert G. Lang had officially signed up for the position, it wouldn't show up on the electronic or paper form. I would assume that you get a bunch of your friends together and tell them on election night to write in your name on the ballot. But we'll see what happens.

I absolutely HATE IT that the elections site places a big nasty red checkmark next to unchallenged spots (i.e. School Board Chairman, Dumfries Supervisor, etc.). I mean, that spot could still be taken over by write-ins, right? GRRRRR. Speaking of School Boards, I have a bone to pick with Lucas...


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After you've voted

After you've voted
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