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12 March 2008

By Request

There is much to be said about the power of the ballot. "VOTE 08" signs dot college student centers and libraries. Reading material gets distrubuted either in-person or through the inbox (both electronic and real).

However, what about those who elect not to participate in the election process? There could be several reasons for this.
  1. They are not interested in politics

  2. They did not conduct their research on the various candidates beforehand and feel that they should not vote

  3. They are so fed up with the current system that they do not vote out of spite

  4. Or the current electorate is satisfied with the incumbent's work. If the candidate is running unopposed, then the spot has been secured

Which bring us to the mayoral elections of PWC. In Occoquan, Haymarket and Quantico, the mayors pretty much have their positions guaranteed to them by the time the May 6 elections roll around. It would seem that the voters are happy with the work their mayors are doing.

Good luck to all candidates! My favourite to win is Earnie Porta. :)

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After you've voted

After you've voted
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