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18 March 2008

New Wine and Old Wine-skins


Last time I checked, a goverment employee didn't get a raise that high. Last time I checked, a government employee wasn't allowed to earn more than the President. I needed some time to digest this bit.
Prince William County Superintendent Steven L. Walts stands to earn an extra $14,357 this year, based on proposed fiscal 2009 school budget figures that call for 6 percent merit and cost-of-living raises for all eligible employees.
(God help this poor blogger who made one-day's worth minimum wage canvassing on a street corner asking complete strangers if they "had a moment for the environment.") 14K is a nice cushion on top of an extremely comfortable salary, but 14K is what many people need. Sorry school board, you're not in control of things as much as you'd like to think you are. Fortunately, we have the BoCS who can sweep in and say, "I'm in charge now" and fix the school budget if necessary... I have a feeling it's getting very close to that point. Get your amour ready, and spit-shine that helmet! We're in for the long haul; extra rations optional but highly recommended.

By the way, I saw the Edward L. Kelly Leadership Center. I had always thought the building was going to be built right there on Joplin Road. It's not. I guess you can't erect a new building on old grounds (hence the title).

I wonder if the saying "You can't put old wine into new wine-skins" applies to school board members.



  1. Wrong. He earns less than the President. Check your numbers.

    If you want a well-run school system, you'll have to pay top dollar for folks to run it.

    Try finding a CEO in the private sector (with a $800+ million budget and 9,000 employees) who earns as little as Walts earns. You won't.

  2. OK, where does the posting explicitly say that Walts earns more than the president? A comparison was being made. In the government sector (i.e. DoD), there is essentially a "cap" on employee's salaries. The Washington Post published area superintendents' salaries not too long ago, and the numbers were pretty close to what the Prez is making.

    I had to laugh when I read "well-run school system." With the way things are going now, it's heading in the opposite direction. I think someone should tell Walts that New Jersey is hiring, but I don't think we'll pass the site test. Oh, well.

  3. Thank you, Anon 12:55AM. I think I should have been a little more clear with what I was trying to say. I'll remember that for next time :)


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