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13 January 2007

First one ...

Yeah ... so after everything has been said and done, I need a place to vent.

Who hates that no one gives a crap about politics, school-related or not??? HA! I see no hands!

So now I must ask the reader: Why is it, sir or madam, whatever the case may be, that you do not take an active part in your local politics? And so they look at the floor and everywheres else and do not respond to my inquiry.

This frustrates me dearly. I wish I could vote, but I am not old enough. I know a lot of what goes on in Prince William County ... but nobody else does. Grr...

Political activism brings its risks and bountiful rewards. Nothing costs more than information.

2007 ... BRING IT ON!!!

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After you've voted

After you've voted
They say the taste of Revenge is sweet ^_^