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17 January 2007

In debt and NOT surprised -_-()

The PWC School Board is in the RED - excuse me - "suffering shortfalls in the budget" ... which is a nicer way to say it. -_-()
So we're in debt!!! What else is new??? As far as I know, the System was headed for collapse as soon as I was informed that case XYZ was sure-hit for a lawsuit. *COUGH COUGH*
But anyways, that is off topic ...
I know the Members are probably regretting the vote taken for the administration building back in November. It was a no-friggin'-brainer. Sure, your employers need new digs, but I thought this was a "for the students" society. Why couldn't they wait until ALL the school trailers were gotten rid of first before voting on something that was for them???
Again, off topic.
ANYWAYS, that's an awful lotta money that's just sitting there. Hmmm ... tempting isn't it??? But, hey, votes can be reversed, right? $36.9 million is a nice cushion, wouldn't you think???
Then again, they never listen to their constituents, and plow through with a vote and a subsequent decision that does not reflect "the best interests of the students".

Fortunately, the so-called "constituents" are voters and angry citizens in disguise ...


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After you've voted
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