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05 April 2008

Curiously Odd

I cruise from time to time. Recently, they've allowed YouTube videos to be added to the site. In keeping with tradition, FunnyJunk visitors are able to comment videos as they do pictures or non-YouTube clips. One video in particular caught my eye. Titled "Fox Attacks," it wasn't the actual video I was interested in, but a comment poster Endpoint wrote:
Obama supports Caesarian abortion law, which allows a baby to be pulled from the womb and left todie on a gurney. Nurses are not allowed to assist a "fetus" that persists in living after beingremoved. Look it up.
These may be the words of a fierce Obama-hater that is only making this up in order to stir similar sentiment towards the candidate. Sifting through mud and muck to find the truth and confirm or bust claims such as these requires a little detective work. Has anyone else heard of this? Are there any sources that can prove this?

Do "caesarian abortions" even exist???

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After you've voted
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