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10 April 2008

Storm Watch

Here we go again ... taxes and budget time! Last year was a bit of an eye-opener. This year looks to be about the same. There may be less bickering, there might be more. It's the manager's choice. I read a very interesting point in the PotomacNews regarding the school budget. Actually, I never thought about it this way, but it made a whole lotta sense:
Supervisor Wally Covington, R- Brentsville, questioned why Prince William administrative salaries seemed to rise at a much higher rate than teachers, according to research he said he conducted using state Department of Education statistics.
Why not move the $1.3 mil raises that the "Top 10" are reported to receive for 2009, and give it to the teachers? Goodie Lord, it wasn't until 2007 that I've read so much beef regarding the school budget. Prior to that, nada. It's still in the air at this point, so the numbers will change. I guess we'll just hold our breath.

And another thing: I'm not extactly thrilled that there is a near-constant PWC vs. Fairfax comparison made. (They're probably not too happy about it, either.) Physical proximity does not always guarantee similar populations. Both counties have specific needs that make it almost impractical to cross-compare each other, especially when the issues become more complex.

In any case, perhaps there will come a time when we will all get along...

Or never.

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  1. The final Greece audit has been released and it is identical to the draft audit chastising Superintendent Walts for many, many things.


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