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06 May 2008

For the horse enthusiasts...

A very different change of pace here, but there's something I need to make known. First, I don't keep up with horse sports as much as I used to, especially racing, but I heard about what happened over the weekend. My condolences go out to the owners, trainer, jockey, grooms, and others who were involved with Eight Belles.

I'm guessing PETA has never learned the definition of the word "accident." Instead of calling for the suspension of Gabriel Saez and revocation of the second place prize (which would not change anything at this point), why not commend the equine veterinarian in his decision to quickly end the pain and suffering for the filly by having her humanely euthanized on the track? Does PETA even know what an open fracture is and what that means for a horse? I think a quick death by injection is pretty ethical. PETA, please tell me how that animal was supposed to stand on two rear legs while her front legs healed. Where were their animal cruelty rants when Barbaro's muscles atrophied and his unaffected rear hoof foundered because it had to carry the remaining weight? Saez did everything in his power to try to pull up the horse after he said she "started galloping funny." One has to consider the size of the horse and the speed at which she was coming out of the race. In any case, it's delightfully refreshing to see how PETA jumped at the opportunity for a little publicity. Did they ever consider how the owners, jockey, and trainer must feel now? Didn't think so.

Rest in peace, Eight Belles
You put up a gallant fight and gave the guys a run for their money

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