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13 May 2008


I checked out Waldo’s Virginia Political Blogroll just to see if any interesting posts had come up since this morning. I was greeted with a rather loud-looking post titled "Corey Stewart is a Big Fat Liar." Curiosity piqued, I couldn't resist checking out the post... yep, same-ol' same ol'. Nothing special or out of the ordinary; just the usual housing freakouts, and the oh-so-famous racial tie to the illegal immigration debate.

I had a couple problems with this post. Assuming that illegal aliens are nothing but a bunch of Latinos is racist in itself. It makes a point in saying "whether legally in the county or not;" however, we read "Latinos fleeing" and "Latino shops." The term "illegal aliens" knows no bounds of race or ethnic group- only law-breakers. Furthermore, the post says that Corey "ran off every Latino/a." I must laugh at this statement because THIS Latina (a native of Panama) keeps returning to Prince William County despite the fact that the Law of Resolution is in order! If it were allegedly true that "every Latino/a" (assuming that a mixed-heritage also counts) was leaving due to the Resolution, then my brother and mother would not be at home. Funny, but every time I need to be picked up from campus (a three-hour drive) it has almost always been my mother. (And she makes bien arroz y pollo. ¡Que rico!) Obviously, there are a couple "Latinos/as" that have NOT left the scene. The race-ranters are the true cause of what they are trying to take down. It makes perfect sense that the law-breakers are fleeing the Resolution.

As to the housing situation, this aspect has been covered ad-freaking-nauseum. Either someone needs to clean their ears out or stop running their pieholes long enough to actually LISTEN to what is going on. And, oh lookie here: if the blogger of the post in question were to search within the same newspaper that they used to grace their posting, they would find that the so-called "housing meltdown" isn't happening in Prince William County.

I was taught that a good letter to the editor does not mention an opponent by name, but includes enough information to have the reader think "Oh yeah, I know who they're talking about." The content of a blog post should be sufficient for a reader to know what, who, etc. are being talked about. "Corey Stewart is a Big Fat Liar" sends out the image of a person who lacks a whole lotta class and creativity. Suggested titles include "Do Pinocchio and the PW BoCS Chairman Share a Common Interest?", "Similarities in Pinocchio and the PW BoCS Chair," and "Link Between Weight Gain and Nose Length."

Haha, I have 6 days off until I start classes again... fun. At least they're only 6-week courses


  1. I have anecdotal evidence from Latinos/a and a home my son bought for more than $100,000 less than the poor Latino who paid "whitey" way, way too much $$$ for it.

    Take a stroll down Manassas and shops are empty; ditto for banks, movie theatres, and so on.

    Hermanito, if you can't see the rancid racism, you've got a bad case of denial.

  2. You hit the nail on the head, Belle. I've heard from multiple sources about illegal aliens from places such as Russia who left PWC after the resolution passed. Why is it that the left automatically assumes Latinos when the topic of illegal aliens arises and that those or European or Asian origins also cannot be illegal aliens? That is quite the myopic view of the world. Heck, they should go to NYC and see how many illegal Irish are in that city alone.

  3. Riley! I am honoured and humbled that Virginia Virtucon would visit this blog and leave a comment, thank you! :)

    I'm guessing there is a reason why the Right is called the "Right."



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