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01 May 2008

Déjà Vu: 2008-2006

It's May 1! There were protests last year and the year before. Here's a good one from the Associated Press via the Potomac News:

Associated Press
Published: May 1, 2008

WASHINGTON (AP) _ A coalition of immigrant rights’ groups and social justice organizations are marching today in Washington to call for immigration reform.

The groups are demanding that Prince William County, in northern Virginia, rescind its anti-illegal immigration measure. They also want raids and deportations to end, and are calling for worker centers to be established in Washington, Maryland and Virginia.

Activists also plan to deliver a letter to the Republican and Democratic national committees, asking the presidential candidates to enact immigration reform.

The events in Washington are part of rallies and marches planned in cities across the nation.

They are protesting anti-ILLEGAL measures. Just great. Protests like these would make the ICE's job significantly easier; everybody is standing in one place!

Are you thinking about launching a counter-protest? Here's what you can do:

1. Go to Wal*Mart and splurge on that digital camera you've always wanted

2. Get a couple US flags
and some poster boards while you're at it

3. Once you're home, hang one of the US flags proudly on your porch

4. Call a bunch of your anti-illegal and pro-US Citizen friends and tell them to meet you at your house

5. While you wait, exercise your right to free speech at Anti-BVBL
. Fight the slowing economy by ordering a few anti-illegal alien merchandise from

6. When your buddies show up, make patriotic USA posters

7. Fill up your diesel-guzzling truck with a full tank

8. Head to a busy street corner with your posters and flag

9. Launch counter-protest.exe

Congratulations! You are successfully counter-protesting. If anyone starts harassing you, that's where the digital camera comes in. Many have a video camera mode. Faces, clothings, vehicle make and models, and license plate numbers are the best "tags" you can place on a harasser. Human memory fades, but the camera is the best impartial witness you can bring to court should the need arise. Remember, there is safety in numbers. The sight of a gun on a hip may be enough to deter potential trouble. Stay safe, and be proud to be a US Citizen.


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After you've voted
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