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19 May 2008

If the Prodigal Son went to college

I'm going back to school tomorrow, which should be fun. I'm still in "college mode," and I need something to keep my mind busy.
"What goes up to the dorm must come back."

3 days before launch

T-minus 19 hours

This is why some people need a moving truck when returning home

Here comes the fun part: unpacking!

Two semesters, minus 2 textbooks and a bunch of smaller novels -.-
Total cost: $1032.30

There's been a buzz about keeping the grass cut on foreclosed property in PWC. I have to wonder where they're coming up with the figure of $2 mil to keep the lawns trim... it can't all be blamed on gas prices! Here's a solution: round up a batallion of college students home for the summer and give them a lawn mower and a mutually-agreed salary. Give them a list of properties to mow and plenty of water. The figure goes down significantly, and students' pockets are full at the end of the day. Checkbooks are fattened by the end of the summer in time for the fall semester. It's a win-win situation.

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